From “The Cloud of Knowing” pg. 33-34

Not only folk tales come from cloud encounters, but religions as well. A Religion is a way of reconnecting with a disconnected reality – that is, to “re-ligament” or tie back (related to the Latin word religare). Religions result from people experiencing something of the supernatural and building a system to reconnect. Christianity is not a religion but the opposite. Christianity is not a matter of people discovering other aspects of reality and building a system to accommodate and profit from it, as was possibly the case at the Tower of Babel (Genesis11). Christianity is the fact of the Creator Himself reaching into the created natural world and giving us by the Grace of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ the fuller reality we need. The basic Truth of Christianity has been turned into a variety of religious expressions and systems that compete with each other. The saving Truth of Christianity can be received by anyone who is aware that they need God and that He can give them what they need for life and reality through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The Bible is vitally important to apply, establish in history and give necessary detail to this basic Truth. It should be treasured and studied by those to whom it is available. Ellis H. Potter

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