Many Christians ask me about Yoga and meditation, wondering if they should do it. Yoga is a comprehensive system of life.

Many Christians ask me about Yoga and meditation, wondering if they should do it. Yoga is a comprehensive system of life. We are always involved in parts of it. Christians should not be afraid of everything not mentioned in the Bible. Dentistry is not mentioned in the Bible. We should be careful and clear about our goals. Recently several people with severe sleep difficulties have asked me about yoga, meditation and sleep. I’ve written up a couple of possibilities below. They don’t make the mind completely open to anything or nothing but gently focused on God’s Word.
These can be used on a train or bus, in a waiting room, on a break at work, stuck in traffic, waiting for a class to start. Three to Five minutes is very good but even one minute is effective. They are silent and motionless and don’t attract a lot of attention. If someone asks you what you are doing, you might have a valuable conversation and bless them.

Prayer meditation with breathing

1. Breathe deeply and diaphragmatically but relaxed. This can be done sitting, standing, walking or lying down. Lying down is best for sleeping, of course. Inhale and on the exhalation say in your mind; “Lord make me an instrument of Your Peace”, or “Create in me a pure heart, O God”, or “The Lord is my Shepherd”, etc. Repeat. Don’t think about these things. Just be open to God doing them in your life. Be aware that God is with you while you do this.
2. Same as above but with the Lord’s Prayer. Inhale, exhale on “Our Father”. Inhale, exhale on “Who art in heaven”. Inhale, exhale on “Hallowed by Thy Name”. Inhale, exhale on “Your Kingdom come”. ETC. Or, use Psalm 23 or something else from the Bible you have memorized.
If your mind wanders don’t beat yourself up. Just come gently back to what you are doing. Ellis H. Potter (FB)


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